Prosecute irresponsible parents who allowed child to abuse family dog!


A truly upsetting video showing a child severely mishandling the family dog has surfaced online. The video was filmed in Thailand and perfectly illustrates the need for a profound, meaningful reform in the country as far as animal welfare laws are concerned.

The disturbing footage comes to show just how dogs are regarded in the country – they are far from being considered a true friend, a faithful companion or a cherished family member. They are only playing toys and quickly become disposable objects once children get tired of them.

In the video, a family dog can be seen calmly sitting on the front porch when the child approaches him. The dog believes it’s time to cuddle and goes along with it. But in just a matter of seconds, the boy climbs over the pooch and softly pounds the  animal several times, before grabbing his ears and slapping him intensively. Meanwhile, the parents are recording the entire scene, but instead of urging the child to stop, they encourage him to keep going!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Thailand adopted the first animal welfare law in December 2014 (The Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare Act) nothing much has changed and abusers still get to walk free on far too many occasions. Millions of animals are subjected to inhumane suffering each year (especially in the dog meat trade) – yet so few penalties are applied. While we appreciate the effort of the Thai lawmakers to adopt this law, it is clear that much more needs to be done in the animal welfare field in the country.

Please take a stand against this vile behavior and urge officials in Thailand to make sure the laws are enforced accordingly and improve animal welfare across the country. A serious and meaningful reform needs to get underway as soon as possible so animal suffering can come to a halt once and for all.

Help make Thailand a better place for animals and educate the future generation about how to treat animals right and teach everyone the benefits of keeping them as pets. Allowing a child to behave in this vicious way against a gentle and harmless creature is unacceptable. Implementing lessons about animal rights in schools is certainly a good point to start the reform.

Please sign and share the petition below and be a voice for the voiceless in Thailand.

Thank you.

The child can be seen slapping the dog over the head several times.

The child also pulls the gentle dog by its ears several times.

The restless child then kicks the dog in the face, before walking away.


  1. Please get this poor dog out of these surroundings! What is wrong with these parents? And if the dog bites the child then it’s the dogs fault. Well, not in my book! We need to respect our animals and children and teach them how to properly interact with each other. Parents you definitely need to be punished for this animal cruelty and abuse!

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