Woman breaks dog’s spine in sick beating – Justice For Muneca!


Torreon, Mexico: Please support my petition and help us get justice for this severely abused dog. The woman in the photo – Maria Guadalupe Herrera Tovanche – stomped her pet dog until her spine broke.

The sweet canine, dubbed Muñeca (which means doll in Spanish), arrived at the Huelitas de Amor A.C. animal rescue group in critical condition.

But vets did not give up on her and managed to fix her up – she was given a wheelchair and in just a couple of weeks she regained her desire to live. Images of Muñeca roaming around in a yard have captured dozens of hearts and have made many people happy.

Muñeca was given away to a new owner, who was given precise instructions on how to deal with the dog’s health: vets particularly expressed concerns about the possibility of the dog contacting diarrhea, especially given the fact that her menu would change drastically once she left the organization.

The new owner was advised to immediately contact the aforementioned rescue group should something happen and Huelitas de Amor A.C would take care of all the expenses, including transportation. But Muñeca’s owner did exactly the opposite: after just three days of having lived in a new home, the owner took her to a random vet’s office due to a diarrhea and ordered Muñeca to be euthanized.

Vets reluctantly agreed and therefore performed humane euthanasia. Huelitas de Amor A.C were never informed, they could have easily relocated the pooch to a family that would have taken care of her.

Please sign my petition to ensure that both Maria Guadalupe Herrera Tovanche and Muñeca’s last owner – who had her put to sleep for absolutely no reason – are brought to justice. They need to be held accountable for all the suffering they have caused to this sweet angel.

RIP Muñeca, you will be missed.

This is the woman that severely abused Muneca the dog

The poor animal was left with a broken spine

A video showing Muneca dragging herself on the pavement sparked outrage on social media

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