Young Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach And Gets Dose Of Instant Karma


Anyone who tries to kick a dog probably deserves whatever comes next, especially if it involves missing the animal and hurting himself.

It was a does of instant karma for a young man who was looking for mischief on an unnamed beach. In the video, he appears to charge at a stray dog and lunge at it. But the dog catches on and jumps out of the way, only to be joined by a few of his friends!

Watch the video below to get the full gist of how much trouble this guy got himself into! Luckily, the dogs don’t appear to be vicious and were happy enough with the guy plunging himself in the water.

Share this video with your friends as a reminder to always be kind to animals.


  1. Touche puppies…….get that sob good…shame someone who knows who that was , doesn’t turn his sorry a$$ in. I know if I saw that , the pups wouldn’t be the only one chasing that sorry excuse for a human

  2. Serves that prick right. Why would you want to try to kick a dog and why wpuod you want to kick a dog for no reason? Unbelievable but I am glad that all of those dogs went after this prick. All animals should be loved not Abandoned and also should not be abused. Animals are our eternally and forever children given to us by Jehovah God they are blessings to us.

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